'Actress Kim Tae-hee Was Perfect Student'

Actress Kim Tae-hee, well known for her beauty, was found to have achieved perfect scores in all subjects during three years in middle school.

An MBC TV program got its hands on her school records and disclosed them to the media ahead of the launch of the new entertainment program "Star the Secret".

"The school records showed that Kim had claimed top places during the entire three years, with perfect scores in all subjects at the school. It's unbelievable", an MBC staff member said.

One of her home school teachers said in evaluation comments that "Kim was a well-behaving student who concentrated on studies and thereby kept teachers alert during classes".

The teacher also described her as a "perfect student" who not only studied well but drew popularity from male students with her beauty. "I've never seen such a perfect student as Kim Tae-hee in all my career at schools", the teacher said.

Kim is a graduate from the nation's top school, Seoul National University.

In the meantime, the 29-year-old actress will appear as a heroine in the upcoming espionage TV drama "IRIS",which has generated plenty of hype since the unveiling of its A-list cast and blockbuster scale.
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