'Father' Jang Dong-gun said, "When I held my son for the first time, I felt marvelous"

Jang Dong-gun confessed his feeling when he hugged his son for the first time.


Jang Dong-gun begot a son with Ko So-young on October 4th. For the interview after the birth of his son, he chose the interview of his first Hollywood movie, “The Warrior's Way'.

Jang Dong-gun appeared in Busan Haeundae Grand Hotel during the PIFF on October 9th.

That day, not only Jang Dong-gun appeared to the interview, but director Lee Seung-woo and producer Barry Osborne also attended.

Jang Dong-gun was busy praising his son since it was his first official interview after his son's birth. He said, “He has exactly half-half appearance of me and my wife. Even though his is an infant, he has sharp features. Even the hospital said he was a unusually handsome kid'.

The name of his son was everybody's question but Jang Dong-gun only mentioned, “I have three candidates for the name but not yet decided.” From this people could see his aflutter side as a father.

Jang Dong-gun also added, “Personally, I really want to show off my son more, but it will affect his life and we are not a veteran parents. I want to talk more about this with my son.”

“The feeling of holding my own child for the first time in my life was new to me. It was stranger sensation than happiness. Happiness, wondering and pressure were all mixed up. Anything that happened to me, especially bad thing, felt nothing to me at that moment. I am studying hard to be a good father. I really want to be a role model for my child and he will often get lots of attention. I will consider that as his destiny and do my best to take care of him,” was showing Jang Dong-gun feeling toward his son's birth.

On the other hand, 'The Warrior's Way' will be released in December in both Korea and U.S.