'Hyde, Jekyll and I' Still images show Hyun Bin being cute and melting the heart of Han Ji-min

Hyun Bin's cute playfulness melts Han Ji-min's heart.

SBS's new drama, 'Hyde, Jekyll and I', of which first episode is scheduled to air on January 21st released the still images of Hyun Bin on the set featuring his cute sides.

In the released stills, Hyun Bin is in the middle of filming the drama somewhere that looks like a concert venue. Instead of the suit and angular eye glasses, he is dressed in the comfortable clothing. His appearance with the funny eye glasses on and his two cheeks puffed makes viewers smile.

On this day, Hyun Bin played the romantic Robin. His acting in sweet voice tone and cute actions was for Jang Ha-nain the drama. The still images heightened interests as to how the triangle love between 'Robin and Jang Ha-na', 'Goo Seo-jin and Jang Ha-na' will progress.

Han Ji-min actually said during the press conference that took place on January 15th, "Hyun Bin plays the role with double personalities. I actually feel like I act with two different actors on the set. When Hyun Bin plays Goo Seo-jin, he becomes sharp and when he is Robin, he becomes sweet and goofy".

'Hyde, Jekyll and I' is SBS's new terrific fantasy romance, which will wake up the dormant romantic cells in your brain. It is a sweet and fresh story of a woman who falls in love with the two different personalities of a man. The first episode will air on January 21st after the completion of "Pinocchio".

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