'Send Text Message to Lee Byung-hun'

Revamped official Lee Byung-hun homepage brought down by too many users

There's now a way you can send a text message to actor Lee Byung-hun.

His management agency BH Entertainment said, "The feature is included on Lee's official homepage, newly revamped as of last Friday. People can type in their messages which will be delivered to Lee".

On the day of the renewed launch, the Web site went down due to excessive access by too many users.

BH said, "The server was rebooted but the site was up again less than another hour. Fan interest is high. The firm administering the server is still on vacation so the homepage operation will resume early next month".

Lee begins his overseas activity in full swing this year. The Korean blockbuster "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" (in which Lee played "The Bad") opens in Europe, the Americas and the UK on Feb. 6. He also appears with Josh Hartnett and Takuya Kimura the joint U.S.-French film "I Come With The Rain", which will also hit theaters soon.

His management firm said, "Timed with his overseas debut, his homepage has been made multilingual, and in that setting, Lee is inviting worldwide fans to his homepage".

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