'Woman with a Suitcase' first script reading, Joo Jin-mo and Choi Ji-woo show off fabulous chemistry

"Woman with a Suitcase" has revealed several snap shots and scenes captured from their first script reading, which was held a few days ago on August 9th in MBC Sangamdong building.

Production team members including, Chief Producer Lee Joo-hwan and Writer Kwon Eum-mi and main cast, Joo Jin-mo, Choi Ji-woo Jeon Hye-bin and Lee Joon attended the session.


Choi Ji-woo transformed into Cha Geum-joo, a legal administration office manager working for a lawyer's office. She pulled off the confident and vivacious character perfectly.

Joo Jin-mo also perfectly transformed into Ham Bok-geo, an owner of a media company. As he brought out the blatant and cool-headed side of his character to life more than perfectly, everybody in the room was overwhelmed by his acting. Jeon Hye-bin truly immersed herself into her character, Park Hye-joo, a lawyer working relentlessly for success and love. Lee Joon expressed the young and fresh side of his character Ma Seok-woo, a newbie lawyer trying to make a living in the legal circle.

The script reading lasted for four hours. The enthusiastic and sincere mood created by all the members participated in the session is promising for the success of the mystery legal romance drama.

"Woman with a Suitcase" will take over the airtime from 'Monster – 2016' in September.