26th Buil Film Awards Winners

Winners for the 26th Buil Film Awards.



The Lamp representative Park Eun-kyeong-I

Best Film

"A Taxi Driver" - Jang Hoon

"The Age of Shadows" - Kim Jee-woon
"Asura: The City of Madness" - Kim Seong-su
"The Day After - 2017" - Hong Sang-soo
"Anarchist from Colony" - Lee Joon-ik


Best Director

"Asura: The City of Madness" - Kim Seong-su

"The Day After - 2017" - Hong Sang-soo
"Anarchist from Colony" - Lee Joon-ik
"The Age of Shadows" - Kim Jee-woon
"Beaten Black and Blue" - Kim Soo-hyeon


Best Actor

"A Taxi Driver" - Song Kang-ho

"Anarchist from Colony" - Lee Je-hoon
"Bluebeard" - Cho Jin-woong
"The Day After - 2017" - Kwon Hae-hyo
"Asura: The City of Madness" - Jung Woo-sung


Best Actress

"The Bacchus Lady" - Youn Yuh-jung

"On the Beach at Night Alone" - Kim Min-hee
"Misbehavior" - Kim Ha-neul
"Missing Woman" - Gong Hyo-jin
"The Villainess" - Kim Ok-vin


Best Supporting Actor

"The Merciless" - Kim Hee-won

"The King" - Ryu Jun-yeol
"Asura: The City of Madness" - Ju Ji-hoon
"The Age of Shadows" - Um Tae-goo
"Bluebeard" - Kim Dae-myung


Best Supporting Actress

"The Battleship Island" - Kim Su-an

"The Last Princess" - Ra Mi-ran
"Tunnel" - Bae Doona
"The King" - Kim So-jin
"Misbehavior" - Yoo In-young


Best New Director

"Our Love Story" - Lee Hyun-ju

"Delta Boys" - Ko Bong-soo
"A Single Rider" - Lee Zoo-young
"Jane" - Cho Hyun-hoon
"The Queen of Crime" - Lee Yo-sup


Best New Actor

"Jane" - Koo Kyo-hwan

"Anarchist from Colony" - Kim Jun-han
"Midnight Runners" - Park Seo-joon
"Misbehavior" - Lee Won-geun
"ALONE" - Lee Ju-won


Best New Actress

"Anarchist from Colony" - Choi Hee-seo

"Jane" - Lee Zoo-young
"Yongsoon" - Lee Soo-kyung-I
"Jane" - Lee Min-ji
"Our Love Story" - Lee Sang-hee


Best Screenplay

"Anarchist from Colony" - Hwang Seong-goo

"Bluebeard" - Lee Soo-yeon
"Jane" - Cho Hyun-hoon and Kim So-mi
"The Age of Shadows" - Park Jong-dae-I and Lee Ji-min
"Missing Woman" - Hong Eun-mi


Best Cinematography

"The Villainess" - Park Jeong-hoon-II

"The King" - Kim Woo-hyeong
"Asura: The City of Madness" - Lee Mo-gae
"The Age of Shadows" - Kim Jee-yong-I
"A Taxi Driver" - Go Nak-seon


Best Music

"Jane" - Flash Flood Darlings

"The Age of Shadows" - Mowg
"A Taxi Driver" - Jo Yeong-wook
"The Battleship Island" - Bang Joon-seok
"Asura: The City of Madness" - Lee Jae-jin-III


Best Art Direction

"The Battleship Island" - Lee Hoo-kyoung

"A Taxi Driver" - Cho Hwa-sung and Kim Mi-kyeong-III
"The King" - Lee Na-gyeom
"Asura: The City of Madness" - Jang Geun-yeong
"The Age of Shadows" - Cho Hwa-sung


Buil Readers' Jury Award

"A Taxi Driver" - Jang Hoon


Kim Dong-ho for the late Kim Ji-seok

Yu Hyun-mok Award

Kim Ji-seok