3rd French-Korean Film Festival in Paris

The third edition of the French-Korean Film Festival will take place in Paris, Dec 17 23, at Cinema Action Christine. This year's selection includes Na Hong-jin's hit thriller "The Chaser" and Kim Dong-won's documentary of Japan's forcible conscription of 'comfort women' during the wars, "63 Years On".

A special retrospective will be held on female director Yim Soon-rye, showcasing four of her films. Her 2008 hit "Forever the Moment" will screen along with previous gem "Waikiki Brothers" (2001), and two shorts, "The 'Weight' of Her" from 2003 omnibus "If You Were Me", and "Keeping the Vision Alive", a 2002 documentary.

Other highlights include Song Il-gon's one-take no-cut drama "The Magicians", Yoon Seong-ho's debut comedy, "Milky Way Liberation Front", Hwang Kyoo-deok's fantasy-drama "For Eternal Hearts", MIN Byong-hoon's clerical drama "Pruning the Grapevine" and PARK Joon-beom's "Dodari".

A total of 16 Korean films will screen during the event. Director Song Il-gon will attend the festival from Dec 19 and will hold a Q & A for his film "The Magicians".

Nigel D'Sa (KOFIC)

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