Actor Jo Han-sun Appointed "Goodwill Ambassador for Switzerland"

Actor Jo Han-sun, a rising hallyu star popular for his role in the film "Now and Forever", has been appointed a "Goodwill Ambassador for Switzerland".

The Swiss Tourism Bureau said on the morning of Apr. 26, "Mr. Jo Han-sun has been chosen as the Swiss government's PR and Goodwill Ambassador, or a 'Friend of Switzerland', in 2006. We will hold an appointment ceremony on Apr. 28".

As for the selection of Jo as a "Friend of Switzerland", Kim Ji-in, director of the Seoul Office of the Swiss Tourism Bureau, said, "We paid attention to Mr. Jo Han-sun in 2003 when he joined singer Jang Nara in filming a music video. In this World Cup year, we believe Mr. Jo, who used to be a soccer player himself, is the most suitable candidate for the position. We also believe that his acting performances match well with various aspects of Switzerland".

Christian Hauswirth, Swiss Ambassador to South Korea, said, "In fact, Mr. Jo Han-sun will play a role similar to mine in Korea. My role is to publicize Switzerland to the Koreans and try to make the two countries come closer together. I am honored and proud that a handsome actor like Mr. Jo will play a role similar to mine".

Jo said, "I expect that this year will be a very meaningful year for me as I have been selected as a goodwill ambassador for Switzerland. I will be at the forefront of promoting friendship between the two countries. I will publicize diverse aspects of Switzerland to Korea as a goodwill ambassador, as well as publicizing dynamic aspects of Korea to the European country".

Meanwhile, Jo will visit Switzerland to film a music video for the fifth album of the female group "As One". He will engage in various activities in Switzerland, while touring Zurich, Ticino, Jungfrau, Lake Leman, and Geneva.

Besides Jo, the South Korean celebrities who were appointed goodwill ambassadors for Switzerland are singer Jang Nara, actor Choi Soo-jong and his wife actress Ha Hee-ra, and actress Kim Tae-hee and her younger brother Lee Wan.
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