Actress Ha Ji-won says Ha Jung-woo moved her

Ha Ji-won attended the press conference for the movie, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, which took place in Wangsip-ri CGV, Seoul on January 9th.

Ha Ji-won said "Although I had fun reading the scenario, I doubted if I would be able to act a mother with children. I was half-decided to reject the offer and met Ha Jung-woo on Christmas Eve to reject".

However, she said "I became curious about how the movie will turn out. At the end of the meeting with Ha Jung-woo, I made up my mind to be in the movie".

Ha Jung-woo previously talked about the monthly magazine, "Monthly Ha Ji-won" he had made for her, who could not participate in the beginning of the production due to her busy schedule.

Ha Ji-won said "I was so moved. Because I was appearing drama, "Empress ki", I could not join the script reading and other early stages of the production. I could keep up with the progress. It was a surprise for me".

Movie 'Chronicle of a Blood Merchant' depicts a series of events happening after the devoted family man, Heo Sam-gwan finds out he has been raising someone else's child for the last 11 years. It will be released on January 14th.

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