Actress Lee Yoo-bi, "Not so much concerned about the label, Kyeon Mi-ri's daughter. I'll just have to keep trying harder"

Actress Lee Yoo-bi shared her thoughts about her label being ' Kyeon Mi-ri's daughter'.

On March 31st, Lee Yoo-bi said during the interview with OSEN, "I'm not so much concerned about it".

She opened up about the prefix, 'Mother Kyeon Mi-ri" attached to her all the time, "It's true I'm my mom's daughter. It doesn't bother me much".

She continued, "If I keep trying harder and keep it that way, I'll be able to show I keep improving. Then I would be able to accept things like that more naturally" and "It seems people around me pay more attention to it than I do".

She also added, "I want to keep improving little by little so I move forward as an actress and become better and better clearly".

Meanwhile, movie "Twenty" starring Lee Yoo-bi as well as Kim Woo-bin, Lee Junho, Kang Ha-neul has been successful since it was released on March 25th.

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