Ain't It Cool Picks Local Film `Tae Guk Gi' as Best of 2004

An influential American film gossip site picked "Taegukgi" as the best film of 2004 and included another Korean film, "Silmido", in its top 10 list for the year.

Harry Knowles, who runs the Web site Ain't It Cool News (, gave "Taegukgi" the No. 1 spot on his list over such films as "Before Sunset", "The Aviator" and "House of Flying Daggers".

Calling the film a "spectacle larger than any film made this year", Knowles wrote on the site that "The film will shake you to the core. The South Koreans are making brutally brilliant films".

Knowles chose "Silmido" as the seventh best film of the year, and compared the film to "The Dirty Dozen", The Classic American film, but "only this is so much better".

Knowles also picked the Korean film, "Old Boy", as the second best movie of 2003.

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