Bae Yong-joon and Park Soo-jin expecting second child

Actors Bae Yong-joon and Park Soo-jin are expecting their second child. Many stars have been coming forth with news of pregnancy this year.


Bae Yong-joon and Park Soo-jin's management claimed she's pregnant. The two got married in July of 2015 and had a son in October last year. Their second child came along within 2 years of all this.

Comedian Heo Min and baseball player Chung In-wook are becoming parents soon. As a baseball player, he is not allowed to have a wedding during season so they will be holding their wedding in 2018 after they have their first child.

Baek Jong-won and So Yu-jin are expecting their third child. The actress announced this fact on her Instagram.

Actress Chae Rim and Chinese actor Gao Zi Qi are having a baby 3 years after their wedding. Many are happy for them as they are an international couple that got married in 2014.

Actress Lee Si-young is also becoming a mother. She hid this fact while she was in the drama "Lookout" and carried out many hard core action moves. She's married to a businessman named Jo Seung-hyeon who is 9 years older than her.

Kim Tae-hee and Rain, Jo Yoon-hee and Lee Dong-gun, Jun Ji-hyun and Choi Joon-hyeok, Jung Da-eun and Jo Woo-jong, Park Ha-sun and Ryu Soo-young, Hwang In-young and Ryu Jung-han, So Yi-hyun and In Gyo-jin are all expecting mothers and fathers as well as Hyun Young, Seo Ji-young and Yuri from COOL.