Baek Sang Awards 1 : "Punch" and "The Sun and The Moon"

Is it "Punch" and or "The Sun and the Moon"? While the 48th Baek Sang Arts Awards is about to commence, on the 26th, the question is who will receive the Grand Prize.

The 48th Baek Sang Arts Awards will be held on the 26th at 6:30 PM at the Seoul Olympic Hall with hosts Lee Hwi-jae and Kim Ah-joong. This ceremony divides into movie and TV categories. Movie, TV, Entertainment and Refinement are announced by category. Movie and TV are given Grand Prizes and Lee Byung-hun from "I Saw the Devil" and Hyun Bin from "Secret Garden" won them last year.

"Helpless", "Sunny", "Nameless Gangster", "Punch" and "Unbowed" compete for the movie category. The Best Director Award has nominated Jeon Gye-soo from "Love Fiction", Yoon Jong-bin from "Nameless Gangster", Chung Ji-young from "Unbowed", Lee Han from "Punch" and Byeon Yeong-joo from "Helpless".

The Best Actor is a fierce battle. Park Hae-il from "Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon" and Kim Yun-seok from "Punch" are competitors here along with Kong Yoo from "Silenced", Ahn Sung-ki from "Unbowed", Choi Min-sik from "Nameless Gangster" and more. For Best Actress, Son Ye-jin from "Spellbound", Uhm Jung-hwa rom "Dancing Queen", Shim Eun-kyung from "Sunny - 2010" and Jung Ryeo-won from "Pained" have been nominated.

Lee Je-hoon from "Architecture 101", Joo Won from "SIU", Lee Kwang-soo from "Wonderful Radio" and Kim Sung-kyun from "Nameless Gangster" compete for the Male Rookie Award. Bae Suzy from "Architecture 101", Go Ara fom "Papa - Movie", Oh Na-ra from "Dancing Queen", Kim Hye-eun from "Nameless Gangster" and Kang So-ra from "Sunny - 2010" are likely Best Female Rookie candidates.

While "The Sun and the Moon" and "Deep-rooted Tree" compete for the TV drama award, "The Princess' Man", "The Greatest Love" and "Brain" compete against each other. For entertainment, "K-Pop Star", "I Am A Singer", "Happy Sunday", "Jjak" and "Gag Concert" have been nominated. The Best Actor in TV is Kim Soo-hyun from "The Sun and the Moon", Han Suk-kyu from "Deep-rooted Tree", Cha Seung-won from "The Greatest Love", Park Si-hoo from "The Princess' Man" and Shin Ha-kyun from "Brain". Best Actress nominees are Gong Hyo-jin from "The Greatest Love", Soo Ae from "A Thousand Days' Promise", Kim Sun-ah from "Scent of a Woman", Kim Hyun-joo from "Twinkle Twinkle" and Moon Chae-won from "The Princess' Man".