Bride of May Yoo Sun, who's the groom?

Actress Yoo Sun is becoming the 'bride of May' and who the husband may be is in question.

Yoo Sun will ring wedding bells in Sheraton Grand Walker Hill Hotel on May 4th, with boyfriend of ten years. He is three years older than her and is a distinguished looking businessman. He is a resource who has been working in the entertainment and advertisement for a long time.

They met for the first time in 1998 and started dating seriously in 2001, finally getting married this May.

Their wedding will be in service and disclosed. Wedding preparations will be done by I Wedding.

Kim Tae-wook from I Wedding said, "I met the couple for the first time when they came to discuss preparations for the wedding. The groom is very good looking and his gentleman-like manners were impressive. They are a good looking couple".

From Chungmuro, Yoo Sun showed powerful acting as Lee Young-ji in director Kang Woo-seok's "Moss" with Park Hae-il and Jung Jae-young. This time she succeeded in changing her image as a music teacher who loves and takes care of a deaf baseball team like a mother in the movie "GLove".

She is looking forward to movie "Gabi" with Joo Jin-mo and Kim So-yeon and later again in the thriller "Don't Cry Mommy" as the lead character.