Cha Ye-ryun in talks for 'Glamorous Temptation'

Actress Cha Ye-ryun is considering her casting offer to appear in MBC's new Monday & Tuesday drama, "Glamorous Temptation".

Her agency added, " Cha Ye-ryun will accommodate her schedule including the promotional events of her Chinese movie, 'Favor of Tutoring' until the beginning of next month, and then the promotional events for "The Chosen: Forbidden Cave", which will be released soon".

MBC's "Glamorous Temptation", scheduled to begin sometime in the first half of next year, depicts revenges by a woman, who becomes to live an unfortunate life and another woman, who envies her, as well as by a man around these two women. Writer Son Yeong-mok of 'May Queen' and 'Golden Rainbow' and producer Kim Sang-hyeob of Mama - Nothing to Fear' and '7th Grade Civil Servant ' will work together for this drama.