[ChanMi's take] Who looks better?

"Queen of the Season" Spring has returned! Spring is when the bright and festive colors are popular for women.

Pink is definitely a color that cannot be missed as the feminine and lovable color.

Kim So-yeon and Lee So-ra have worn the hot pink color mini dress. The leopard print pattern is visible.

Kim has worn this dress for the "Prosecuter Princess" press release as the shopaholic Ma Hyeri. Lee So-ra wore this on the cable channel, "OnStyle" show for "Project Runway Korea 2".

Two stars with different looks are wearing the same dress!

Kim looks like a pink princess. Her serious and action scenes are no longer imaginable in this look with the romantic femininity. Her wavy hair make her look very luxurious with the bling bling accessories!

Lee looks very sexy in the dress. She is tanned and looks great with the hot pink, rather more mature than Kim So-yeon. She is definitely modern and sophisticated in her look.

Who do you think looks better?

Now is your chance to vote!

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