Choi Myung-gil, So Yi-hyun, Park Yoon-jae and Shin Jung-yoon in "Red Shoes"

Actors Choi Myung-gil, So Yi-hyun, Park Yoon-jae and Shin Jung-yoon have confirmed their appearance in "Red Shoes", a new KBS 2TV daily drama announced on the 13th.

"Red Shoes" tells the story of a daughter who has fallen into an unstoppable bond of desire to avenge her heartless mother, who left her father and sick brother in search of love and desire for her success.

Choi Myung-gil visits the small screen as Min Hee-kyeong, a cold-hearted mother who abandons her family after reuniting with her first love. Choi Myung-gil will portray Min Hee-kyeong's elegant and ambitious side.

So Yi-hyun plays Kim Jem-ma, who aims to find out the secrets related to her father's death and revenge on her mother. While attention is focused on So Yi-hyun's return to work in two years, she, who has built up solid acting skills, stimulates curiosity about what intense acting transformation she will show in "Red Shoes".

Park Yoon-jae plays Yoon Gi-seok, who does not believe in love due to his wife's betrayal in the past, but falls in love with Kim Jem-ma without realizing it. Shin Jung-yoon plays a passionate role as Yoon Gi-seok's younger brother, Yoon Hyeon-seok, who has a free soul and rebellious charm.

"Red Shoes" will follow "Miss Monte-Cristo".