Choi Song-hyun to be awarded the Korean Sharing Award

Actress Choi Song-hyun has been acknowledged for her foreign charity work and is going to be awarded the Korean Sharing Award in following Moon Geun-young and Kong Hyun-joo.

Tobis Media claims, "Choi Song-hyun will be awarded the Diplomatic Trade Unification Commissioner Award at the 7th "Korean Sharing Awards" 2012".

The Korean Sharing Awards committee revealed the reason for the award saying, "Choi Song-hyun has become a social role model going back and forth Africa, Rwanda and Indonesia, performing acts of charity and increasing awareness of the country".

Choi said, "I didn't think I would get this award yet but I am so honored to have it. I think sharing is our duty and responsibility. Anyone who with a heart can do it".

So far Moon Geun-young, Kong Hyun-joo, Kim Jang-hoon, Jang Nara and others hae been awarded the Korean Sharing Award.

Meanwhile, Choi Song-hyun was chosen once as the most wanted 'bride', beating Kim Tae-hee.

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