"Creating Destiny" Ryu Sang-wook's dreams come true

** First Airs: October 10, 2009

Daenambo of "Queen Seon-deok" Ryu Sang-wook confesses what it feels like to be acting opposite Eugene in "Creating Destiny"
- "Dreams come true"
- "It doesn't even hurt when Eugene hits me"

Good-lookin' Hwarang Daenambo from "Queen Seon-deok" Ryu Sang-wook has been cast to act opposite Eugene in MBC's newest weekend romance "Creating Destiny".

Ryu Sang-wook will be Saewon, Sangeun's (Eugene) elementary friend and the youngest son of Haeseong Group. He rounds out the third leg of the love triangle, along with Yeojun (Ki Tae-young).

When Saewon was just in elementary school, he made a marriage proposal to Sangeun, who had to immigrate to Australia. It is ten long years later when he runs into Sangeun at the airport.

On the 17th, he was shooting the scene at Incheon International Airport. He had switched characters completely from "good-lookin' Hwarang" to the "rich and kind Saewon".

Juggling both schedules of "Queen Seon-deok" and "Creating Destiny", he's probably twice as busy as others and probably that much more tired. But he had the brightest smile on his face.

He confesses that the chance to act opposite famous singer-turned-actor Eugene is a "dream come true".

"I had a brief stint as a reporter on "Entertainment News" in 2008. I interviewed Eugene once then. At the time I told her that someday I'd really like to act opposite her. And it came true! And back then people also talked about how we actually look alike. Do we?"

He's all smiles on set. Even when Eugene whacks him with a bag, he says with a silly smile, "It doesn't even hurt when Eugene hits me".

He continued to brag, "She really treats me comfortably, even playing tricks on me....... Before we begin filming, we go over the scene together, trying out different ways to do it. Sometimes we do it with a lot of force, sometimes we do it a lot gentler. Then we pick the best one and go with that. She's a great acting teacher to me".

Please look forward to Daenambo Ryu Sang-wook's transformation into the rich, kind Saewon.
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