Director Jeong Ji-woo Confirms Netflix "Somebody" Lead Starring Kim Young-kwang

Director Jeong Ji-woo who created the movies "Happy End" and "A Muse" is attempting at a drama this time.


Netflix, a global online video service (OTT), announced on the 23rd that it has confirmed the production of a new series called "Somebody" directed by director Jeong Ji-woo.

It is a drama about a story about a developer and friends around her intertwined with a mysterious person named Yoon-oh as a murder case takes place through a social connecting application (app) called "Somebody".

Actor Kim Young-kwang plays the role of architectural designer Yoon-oh. The app's developer Som, friend Mok-won and police Ki-eun are played by rookies Kang Hae-lim, Kim Yong-ji and Kim Soo-yeon.

The script is written by Han Ji-wan-I who wrote the dramas "The Ghost Detective" and "Wanted".

The production will be helmed by Beyond Jay who wrote dramas "Nevertheless" and "The Secret Life of My Secretary".

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