Drama 'Rainbow Rose' Holds Press Conference in Japan

Kang Ji-young of Kara and Gunil of Novasonic will appear as protagonists in the joint Korea-and-Japan drama "Rainbow Rose" (Japanese title "Love Mahjong"), and a press conference and preview event were held before its airing at TV Tokyo Tennozu Studio on April 3. The director of the drama, Kim Soo-ryong, said, "Actors from Korea, Japan, and the USA worked together to make this film. And I have tried to create a beautiful image like a rainbow, as the title says. At first, we had communication issues due to different languages, but all the actors tried to overcome this difficulty and produce a beautiful story together".


Kang Ji-young said, "I had activities as a group member of Kara for the past four years, and it has been the first time for me to challenge myself in acting. I felt pressure, but I learned many things. And I will never forget this memorable experience in my life. I was completely immersed in the cheerful and bright character Han Yoo Ri and I sang and danced as the character does in the drama at home even after I finished filming, so my mother worried about my behavior".

Gunil said, "We created this touching drama with a collaboration of staff members and actors, and I think that it means something because this drama was produced in Korea and will be broadcast in Japan. I have always wanted to deliver the beauty and warmth of Korea to people in Japan, and I am very glad that I could finally make my dream come true". Actor Lee Sang-yeob, who plays the older brother of Kang Ji-young named Han Se Oh in the drama, said, "I did my best while filming this drama to deliver warm consolation and feeling of happiness to people who are living a tiring life today".

Japanese actresses Mizusawa Erena said, "You will be able to find love among family members, friends, and lovers in our drama". Fujii Mina also explained, "This drama presents various kinds of people in a friendly and warm way". The director highly praised the cast members by saying, "One day when we were filming on the seashore, we shot an unplanned kiss scene at Ji Young's suggestion. The two actors always carried the script with them, and I think that they might sleep while holding the script. They did their best. And Erena and Mina tried to learn the Korean language and they even went to watch Korean theater works on holidays. Thanks to their great efforts, they seemed to look like Koreans when we filmed the last part of the drama".

"Rainbow Rose", which has a total of 12 episodes, will begin airing from April 13 on terrestrial TV in Tokyo. It will be a story of friendship and love among students from different countries with different cultures who are living in the same boarding house in Korea. [Yonhap]