Eugene's Husband, Ki Tae-young Turns into a Sweet Home Café Barista

Ki Tae-young, Eugene's husband, met with LG Electronics. It is through a video of home cafe life in the 'LG DIOS Ice Water Purifier Refrigerator Object Collection', which has become a hot topic for its ability to make craft ice.


LG Electronics will release a video of how to use craft ice in daily life with Ki Tae-young on its official SNS channel on the 29th.

In the video, Ki Tae-young transforms into a barista at a home cafe. Ki Tae-young, who captivates women's hearts with his friendly eyes and tone, perfectly digesting cooking to parenting, tells the life of a summer home cafe.

He makes a cold drink for his wife who came back from filming with children who are tired of the heat with round ice. The sweet daily life of Ki Tae-young, who makes drinks with a soft and sweet smile has never changed from the past until the present.

Through the recent entertainment program "Convenience Restaurant", Ki Tae-young has imprinted the image of a thorough Korean husband from cooking to parenting. On the other hand, he showed off his story of taking paternity leave for his wife Eugene, who is busy filming the drama "The Penthouse 3" through the entertainment program "Tikitaka".

Meanwhile, Craft Ice (circular ice with a diameter of about 50mm) is a slow melting ice with a smaller surface area than regular ice. LG Electronics has recently attracted attention by introducing DIOS Ice Water Purifier Refrigerator with craft ice manufacturing function. Craft ice doesn't melt easily, so you can enjoy cocktails, fruit ade, and ice coffee for a long time even in the middle of summer with the natural taste of the drink.