Famous child actress, Jin Ji-hee, all grown up!

The young child actress is not so young anymore!


In the drama, "Sister is Alive", actress Jin Ji-hee have been working hard in her improved acting skills and grown-up beauty.


Her acting covers from an emotional one, conveying a great family love to a lovely, pure-hearted romance. She was an adorable actress to begin with, but she's gotten even more pretty recently!


Also, she made a special appearance in the drama, "Fight My Way" recently.


I still remember the naughty little trouble maker from the sitcom, "High Kick Through The Roof" and the spoiled brat princess from "The Sun and the Moon". And to see that little girl becoming a lady is seriously amazing to me.


Continue to work hard in lots of dramas, Jin Ji-hee!

By. Lily Lee

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