Female Won Bin, Kim Ji-won looks like Kim Tae-hee

Rookie actress Kim Ji-won gained the nickname, 'Kim Tae-hee look-alike'.

Having many nicknames through various commercials, 'Girl Won Bin' or 'Oran C girl', received many flashes at the CGV media gathering with her pure looks that reminded of Kim Tae-hee last 15th.

Those who have seen her pictures say, "Her big eyes and her tiny face is like Kim Tae-hee", "Kim Tae-hee and Kim Ji-won both have 'doll-like' beauty", "She is only 19 so she is still fresh" and more.

Meanwhile, her screen debut movie "Romantic Heaven" is about the miracle and sadness about having to send someone you love, away. She is Mimi who looks out for a wanted criminal in order to save her mother dying from bone cancer.

Director Jang Jin met Kim Ji-won through casting, and complimented her saying, "I see Kim Hye-soo or Kim Hee-sun in her. Didn't they gain popularity from the public when they were young? I think Kim Ji-won will be like that".

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