Film Exports Increase 15% This Year

Film exports this year have increased 15 percent from last year to 67 million dollars.

The film production company IM Pictures on Saturday said movies sold to Japan and other Asian countries comprised 80 percent of the exports, with Europe taking 15.5 percent and North America 3.3 percent.

Increasing film exports to South America and Europe have given hope of diversifying the export markets for domestic movies.

Meanwhile, the number of filmgoers in the country this year rose five million from last year to an estimated 135 million.

Domestic films also took up 55.1 percent of the country\'s market, similar to the level last year.

The year's top four films were all home made, with the comedic drama "Welcome to Dongmakgol" winning the box office race, followed by the inspirational "Marathon", the gangster comedy "Another Public Enemy" - "Another Public Enemy" and the thriller "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance."

Reported by KBS World Radio
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