Former After School member, Lee Joo-yeon joins Jo In-sung in movie 'The King'

Former After School member Lee Joo-yeon has been cast for movie, "The King".

According to sources in film industry on November 12th, Lee Joo-yeon will star in the upcoming movie, "The King" starring Jo In-sung as the leading actor and directed by Han Jae-rim. Lee Joo-yeon's character will play an important role in moving forward the plots and developing events in the movie.

Lee Joo-yeon has been successful in transforming from a girl group member into an actress. Lee Joo-yeon starred in dramas including 'Smile, Dong-hae', 'Jeon Woochi - Drama', and "A New Leaf", during the time when she was a singer mainly.

She later left the group and debuted as a full time actress. When it was known that she would appear in SBS' upcoming new period drama, 'Saimdang, the Hertory' the news drew much attention. Lee Joo-yeon will play double roles back and forth between past and present time in the drama.

She is also noticed on screen, which is regarded to be more difficult to break through. She made a screen debut through movie, 'Sorry, I Love You, Thank You'. And then she has been cast for "The King" as well this time, broadening the spectrum in her acting. Lee Joo-yeon, who has been accumulating her experiences in dramas, movies and stage plays, is drawing attention as to how she will move forward in leading her career ahead.

Movie, "The King" is Jo In-sung's screen comeback, who is returning to silver screen in seven years. The movie depicts a lifetime history of a prosecutor. Director Han Jae-rim, well-known for movies, 'Rules of Dating', "The Show Must Go on", and "The Face Reader" will begin filming "The King" soon.

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