Four Sexy Divas and How They Do It

Four divas lead Korean pop music with their emphasis on sex appeal. Lee Hyori, IVY, Chae Yeon and Seo In-young all came back recently with new albums.

With her toned body, gleaming complexion and flowing locks, Lee Hyori is of course Korea's top sexy icon. Though IVY abandoned hotpants and long hair for a techno-gothic kind of look, her hourglass figure under tight clothes still looks great. Chae Yeon also defies critics by betting on sex appeal, saying, "I don't mind being called a sexy singer".

Seo In-young, a former member of the dance group Jewelry, made an explosive solo debut with a style that includes leggings, hotpants and whatever else will draw attention below the waist. So how do they do it?

Lee Hyori : cleavage + complexion

Lee Hyori manages to seem both healthy and sexy. Many women fans envy her breasts, thighs and healthy complexion. When she went solo after F.I.N.K.L, she got rid of her girly image with a fashion style that highlights her curves.

"IVY" : beautiful legs

IVY is famous for her stunning legs. When she sings "Sonata of Temptation" on stage, she wears a kind of body GLove that exposes her nice figure without, as it were, exposing it. At 1.66 m tall, she is slightly shorter than Lee Hyori, but she looks much taller on stage thanks to those legs.

Chae Yeoun : cute nose

Chae Yeon has a lovely nose as well as overall sex appeal. It is the mole, or beauty spot, that makes her nose look so cute. Her sexy choreography is as hot as Lee Hyori's.

Seo In-young : it's all in the waist

Seo In-young maximizes her strong point with a fashion style that highlights her waist, hips and crotch. At 1.62 m tall, she is the smallest of the four, but like IVY's, her legs make up for it on stage.
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