Fresh and New Subjects Like "Abyss" and "Her Private Life"

Fresh subjects are coming up.

Recently, dramas are being recognized for their variations. "Confession - Drama", which is based on the principle of double jeopardy, and "Her Private Life", which deals with the act of being obsessed about something or someone the individual is interested in, are successfully drawing interest from viewers with new subjects that may seem unfamiliar to them. Also being broadcast on small screens soon is "Abyss", that deals with 'the law of bringing the dead back' by reviving the dead into the form of a spirit.

"Confession - Drama" is an investigative drama chasing the truth that is protected behind the law of not reopening a case. Based on the concept of double jeopardy, which has never been used in a drama before, the series talks about the fabricated truth, and the hidden justice that prevails in our society. In particular, the three suspected serial murders and the endless back-to-back twists are giving viewers a thrilling sense of pleasure.

"Her Private Life" is a fangirl-themed romance drama about Seong Deok-mi (Park Min-young), a curator who is very professional on the outside but is actually a huge idol fan, and her bad-tempered boss, Ryan (Kim Jae-wook). The drama deals with the whole new concept of 'fangirling', which synergizes with the romance. The unique hyperrealism culture of detail captures the audience's sympathy and firmly holds the top spot in the 2049 ratings at the same time.

TvN's "Abyss", the most anticipated drama in May, is a 'reverse visual' fantasy in which two men and women, who are resurrected in completely different forms from before they died, track down their killer.

The setting of the dead, Park Bo-young (Go Se-yeon) and Ahn Hyo-seop (Cha Min), being brought back to life in the form of spirits is already stimulating the interest of viewers. After they obtain the ability to revive the dead called Abyss, the protagonists revive their first loves and their killer, tracking down the process of their deaths in this thrilling drama.

The cast of "Abyss" such as Park Bo-young, Ahn Hyo-seop, Lee Sung-jae and Lee Si-eon is enticing viewers to watch the show, increasing attention with imaginative material and stories.

"Abyss" begins on the 6th of May.

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