From Kim Min-jung to Kang Soo-yeon, Best 5 child actors

The futures of many child stars were generally depressing.

The childish image and the weight of the years were obstacles for child stars to become adult actors.

But even among them, there are stars who have succeeded in transforming into adults. The IS Entertainment Team has picked out the best 5 actors who started out as child stars.

The first is the heroine of "New Heart", Kim Min-jung.

Kim Min-jung, who's charm comes from her big eyes, debuted in 1990 when she was eight, with MBC Best Theater "Widow". In 1992, she received the 'Child Actor Award' from KBS, received the 'Youth Award' in 1998, and received much love for her smart acting. Her official change to adult acting came in 2005 with the drama "Fashion 70s" and in 2006 with the movie "Forbidden Quest".

Especially in "Forbidden Quest", she had a daring exposure scene, and fully separated from her innocent, childish image.

The second is Moon Geun-young, who is transforming from the nation's younger sister to everyone's sweetheart. When she was 12 in 1999, she debuted in the movie "On the Road" and played the younger version of Song Hye-kyo in KBS drama "Autumn in my Heart" in 2000.

She showed traditional images in "A Tale of Two Sisters", "My Little Bride", and "Innocent Steps". In 2006, she changed in "Love Me Not" but it failed to be a success. It seems she will undergo an official change in the drama "Painter of the Wind" to air later this year.

The third is 'Hip-hop boy' Yang Dong-geun.

He had been a regular child actor as much as Yoo Seung-ho but is now a 29-year-old adult actor. He adapted in the 2002 drama "Ruler of Your Own World" and 2003 movie "Wild Card". He is now showing his skill with loose and tough acting.

The fourth is the winner of the New Actor Award at the BaekSang Awards, Jang Keun-suk. He is 21 this year, and has been a child actor in historical dramas since he was young. And he is making soft landings as he tries to change into an adult actor with movies "Chakshin Ari Final" (2006) and "The Happy Life" (2007).

The last is Kang Soo-yeon. She is a child star that is always discussed with Ahn Sung-ki and Son Chang-min. Her official debut work was the movie "Blood Line" in 1979. She is now 42 and has 30 years of acting experience. Other child actors that have succeeded are Lee Min-woo, Song Hye-kyo, Go Ara, Noh Hee-ji, and Park Shin-hye.