"Ghost - Drama" Dong Bang-woo's competition with Uhm Ki-joon?

The secret to middle aged actor Dong Bang-woo's outstanding performance against (Uhm Ki-joon) in the SBS TV drama "Ghost - Drama" has been revealed. They are; never ending effort and the tablet PC.

Dong Bang-woo and Uhm Ki-joon displayed a heated battle, restraining energy that was about to explode on the tenth episode of the drama. They rehearsed this scene several times before the real thing. Not only that, they kept coordinating with each other in between short breaks when changing the camera settings or fixing their make up.

Another thing, usually other actors looked at paper scripts but Dong Bang-woo used a tablet PC.

Seemingly very comfortable with the PC, Myeong checked up on his lines and scenes every chance he could.

A spokesperson from the production team sad, "I thought he was using his tablet PC for internet purposes but it was his script. He is an early adaptor seeing that he prefers that to paper scripts".

Meanwhile, in the eleventh episode of the drama Jo Kyeong-sin (Dong Bang-woo) and Jo Hyeon-min (Uhm Ki-joon) will reach the peak of their conflict.