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Kong Hyo-jin, "I Decided to Believe in Myself"

Actress Kong Hyo-jin's pictorial has been released.


Kong Hyo-jin conducted a cover shoot for the June issue of the fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar. In the released cover, Kong Hyo-jin showed off her unique natural charm with a bright appearance.

Kong Hyo-jin, who pulled off a modern and formal summer look, catches the eye with her seductive figure and lovely smile of flexible gestures.

Kong Hyo-jin, who had a break for a while, said in an interview after the photoshoot, "I always start shooting with the thought of ' I'm not ready yet, but I'm already starting'," and added, "I was ready when I stood in front of the camera to take the first cut. So I just decided to believe in myself all the time".

Kong Hyo-jin is set to shoot the romantic drama "When the Stars Gossip", which will air in 2023. She is also dating singer Kevin Oh, who is 10 years younger than her.

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