Ha, Kong Win Director's CUT Awards

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

Korean directors picked actor Ha Jung-woo and actress Gong Hyo-jin as the Best Actor and Best Actress for the 11th Director's CUT Awards 2008.

The Korea Film Director's Network chose Ha and Kong as the year's best performers for their outstanding film roles.

Ha was given recognition for his exceptional performances in the hit films "My Dear Enemy" and "The Chaser". In 2005, Ha was awarded Best New Actor for "The Unforgiven" at the Director's CUT Awards.

Kong was cited for her role as a frumpy high school teacher suffering from a bad case of blushing and delusions in "Crush and Blush". Kong, who has always had a stylish image, had surprised many with her transformation into an unattractive Miss Hongdangmu (carrot) in the film.

The Best Director Award was given to Kim Ji-won who directed the acclaimed "kimchi Western", "The Good, the Bad, the Weird". Director Na Hong-jin received the New Director Award for his work on the gripping thriller "The Chaser".

Actor Yoo Ah-in was named Best New Actor for his role in the film "Antique", while young actress Seo Woo was named Best New Actress for her role as a middle school loser in "Crush and Blush".

The Independent Movie Director Award went to Jung Byung-gil who made independent documentary "Action Boys", about the lives of stuntmen in Korea.

Winners for the Director's CUT Awards are picked through voting by 200 Korean directors. The awards will be handed out during a ceremony Dec. 19.