Hallyu Concert Closes Formula 1 in Shanghai

A concert featuring a number of top hallyu stars was held Oct. 2 in Shanghai, China at the closing ceremony of a Formula 1 Grand Prix competition. Performers included Kangta, Jang Nara and Bada, among others.

Formula 1, which Korea will host in 2010, is held by the International Automobile Federation in only 17 or 18 countries. The Shanghai competition first opened in 2004. This year, the Chinese authorities organized the hallyu concert and a vast array of other cultural events after the competition.

It was the first time that several hallyu artists staged an exclusive concert in China. The concert was held at a large soccer stadium where American diva Whitney Houston once performed. It was attended by some 20,000 people.

The concert was opened by the performance of Bulgarian-born electronic violinist Diana. Singer Bada, who performed afterward, introduced herself in Chinese, and sang her hit songs "Music", "V.I.P". and "I Will Love". Despite a lack of promotion in China, Bada received a warm welcome from Chinese fans.

Harisu, who has been stepping up her advancement to the Chinese market recently, hosted a lottery drawing event at the concert and called out the lucky numbers in Chinese.

The male duo Tree Bicycle sang two songs, including the theme song of the movie "The Classic". Jang Nara, who has gained popularity in China as both a singer and an actress, sang three songs with Chinese vocals and one song in Korean.

The highlight of the concert was the performance of singer Kangta, a former member of the group H.O.T. Kang, who sang three songs, received more applause and a warmer welcome than Chinese singer Chen Kunhou, who performed before Kang. The audience even sang a Korean song along with Kang.

MMG, which co-organized the concert, said similar hallyu concerts will be held on the sidelines of Formula 1 events in the future to promote cultural exchange between the two countries.

The winner of the Formula 1 competition that just closed in Shanghai was world-acclaimed car racer Michael Schumacher from Germany.