Han Chae-young, Jae Hee Hold Fan Meeting in Tokyo

Actress Han Chae-young and actor Jae Hee, the lead characters of the TV drama "Sassy Girl, Chun-hyang", held their first fan meeting at Le Meridien Grand Pacific Hotel in Tokyo on May 1.

Reporting on the fan meeting on May 2, The Sankei Sports introduced the drama as a modern remake of The Classic Korean novel "Chunhyang Story". According to the Japanese daily, about 1,200 Japanese fans at the meeting became very excited and gave cheers when Jae Hee ran into the hall.

The daily said that Han, who was visiting Japan for the first time in four years, captivated the heart of attendees by appearing in a white dress that bared her back.

When a large monitor screen at the hall showed a kissing scene from the drama, Han introduced an episode during the filming of the drama, saying, "I feel abashed as I watch it now. During the filming of the kissing scenes, Jae Hee was in a sulk when I didn't open my mouth".

The two stars will return home after having another fan meeting at the same hotel on May 2.

"Sassy Girl, Chun-hyang", which is currently being aired on MXTV in Tokyo, will come to a close with its final episode airing on May 3.