Han Hye-jin, Pretty women gathering 'Ha Mi Mo' picture 'Conditions?'

'Na-ul's woman' actress Han Hye-jin revealed a group picture from pretty women gathering 'Ha Mi Mo'.

Han Hye-jin put up this picture on her Twitter and also wrote, "Please enjoy the movie "GLove", also Yoo Sun and and Kim Hye-sung.

In this picture, besides Han Hye-jin there is Park Tam-hee, Kim Sung-eun, announcer Park Na-rim and other Ha Mi Mo members posing for the picture. In another one Uhm Ji-won can also be seen.

Those who have seen the picture say, "Pretty people with pretty hearts", "How can I be a part of it?", "Looks good".

Ha Mi Mo is short term for 'Gathering for pretty people who love God" and they get together to do good deed and study the bible

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