Han Hyo-joo is the most favorable daughter-in-law

Actress Han Hyo-joo beat Kim Tae-hee and Moon Geun-young to be the most favorable daughter-in-law.

Han Hyo-joo easily beat Kim Tae-hee, Moon Geun-young and Lee Min-jung in the survey "Actress that would make the best daughter-in-law this Chuseok" conducted by KBS "Happy FM".

She is about to make viewers cry in the movie "Always" with So Ji-sub, where she's lost her eyesight but makes everyone around her bright and cheerful with her effervescent personality.

So Ji-sub plays the role of Cheol-min who has had a dark past but puts his life at risk to protect the woman he loves.

"Always" is about the love between former boxer Cheol-min (So Ji-sub) and Jeong-hwa (Han Hyo-joo), who is losing her sight.