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Han So-hee, Blue Make-up to Match Denim Look

Actress Han So-hee (28) boasted an unrivaled atmosphere.


Han So-hee posted several photos of luxury brands on her Instagram on the 9th.

In the photo, Han So-hee poses in various poses, wearing a bra top and a blue jacket. The blue eyeshadow that matches the blue jacket emphasizes Han So-hee's fatal and sophisticated charm.

In particular, Han So-hee, who made headlines by removing all the tattoos on her body to become an actress, caught the eye with the tattoo of a leaf painting on her pelvis.

Meanwhile, Han So-hee worked with Park Hyung-sik in the recently released Disney+ original series "Soundtrack #1" and has now decided to appear in the new drama "Gyeongseong Creature".

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