[HanCinema Awards] Best Ahjumma/Ahjussi Actor in a Drama - Cast Your Vote!

There are incredibly talented older actors in drama who deserve a chance to shine. They play the mothers, fathers, politicians, and bosses that we hate to love and love to hate. When we're lucky, they headline dramas and use their years of experience to deliver powerful performances. From December 16 to December 23 vote for your favorite ahjumma and ahjussi actors in drama.

Let's meet the talented nominees:

Sung Dong-il ("Scarlet Heart: Ryeo"; "Answer Me 1988") With a laugh to match any character and any mood, this man is a staple of the Korean drama, appearing as the loveable father in the "Reply" series, a general in Scarlet Heart, and many more powerful men, each of whom is riveting in turn.

Yum Jung-ah ("Mirror of the Witch") This actress possesses an intensity that mimics the power of her male counterparts, while still retaining her femininity.

Lee Il-hwa ("Master - God of Noodles", "Answer Me 1988") Lee is a staple of Korean drama, especially as a mother, but is never to be taken lightly in the role as she always commands attention in front of a camera.

Ra Mi-ran ("Please Come Back, Mister"; "Answer Me 1988") Ra is a riveting, prolific actress who is ageless on screen, who can take on any role, and who gives her all.

Kim Sun-young ("Answer Me 1988", "Shopping King Louis") From quiet neighborhood ahjumma to gangster ahjumma, Kim can play it all with panache and finesse.

Choi Moo-sung ("Uncontrollably Fond", "Answer Me 1988") Role after role, Choi never disappoints with his piercing gaze, excellent sense of timing, and voluminous screen presence.

Ye Ji-won ("Oh Hae-Young Again") She brings spice to middle-aged romance with her confidence and flair for comedy.

Kim Mi-kyung ("Oh Hae-Young Again") Kim is a must in any drama with her commanding voice, sensitivity to line delivery, and ability to palpably emote.

UPDATE: All voting categories have an extension. You get one more week for voting because you guys are so awesome and active!

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Written by: Lisa Espinosa AKA Raine from 'Raine's Dichotomy'

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