[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Man-hole" Episode 13

Jae-hyun's true nature cannot be contained by his kind facade and his world starts to crumble. While bad for him, it's good for Pil and the gang and the good citizens of the neighborhood because Jae-hyun is a violent sociopath. Now if only the rest of the drama was as exciting as catching Jae-hyun currently is.

Not to say that chasing Jae-hyun is 100% enjoyable. The life he's crafted for himself isn't full-proof. In fact, with the obvious manner in which he relieves his violent urges, I'm surprised the police haven't cottoned on to his patterns or his whereabouts. Pil seems to be the smartest person on the force, which is a problem because he's still not doing much.


Also, Jae-hyun's ex slinks out of the woodwork to be equally as crazy, but nothing comes of that except for Soo-jin becoming suspicious of the man she married. She starts to question him, which is a relief. I'm finding it hard to belief that she's lived with him a year without having suspicions about his true nature, but I will suspend that and run with what's happening. Soo-jin is the second person after Pil to start and see Jae-hyun's true nature. The first is Goo-gil who recognizes the scar on Jae-hyun's wrist from his attack.

As for the friends, Jin-sook has faded from prominence while Seok-tae is only used so Pil can beg him to open the manhole. Seok-tae's relationship with Jin-soo has not been developed at all while Dal-soo and Jung-ae are in some overly-dramatic separation without much buildup or follow through. I've said it before, but if these friends of Pil's had been better fleshed out, the story would've been much more enjoyable. I also say this knowing that things won't change much from now until episode 16.


One positive thing in the episode was Pil's development as a character. He has made enemies of his friends and the families of his friends because of his irrational behavior. Although he is telling the truth and all of the naysayers are wrong, they don't believe him because of his past behavior. Pil is the boy who cried wolf with his impulsive behavior painting him as an untrustworthy and unstable person - which, let's all just admit, he is. At this point, Pil realizes he's alone and for the first time all series long, the character feels grounded. I hope for this development to continue. At least we'll see a changed Pil for a few episodes before "Man-Hole" says goodbye.

Written by: Lisa Espinosa AKA Raine from 'Raine's Dichotomy'

"Man-Hole" is directed by Park Man-yeong, written by Lee Jae-gon and features Kim Jae-joong, UEE, Jung Hye-sung and 'Baro'.