[HanCinema's Film Review] Korean Weekend Box Office (2011.02.04 ~ 2011.02.06)

Korean Weekend Box Office (2011.02.04 ~ 2011.02.06)

The Lunar New Year has seen "Detective K" hold strong at the top this week, with more than a third of moviegoers choosing to watch Kim Seok-yoon's creation. The film will probably continue to attract the masses but the numbers might dip as the Korean public get back to work next week. This is the second week for "Detective K" and it stands unchallenged in the charts.

Jack Black stars in "Gulliver's Travels" as it occupies second place in this week's list. This modern take on the satirical classic is surely not to be missed. "Battlefield Heroes" gains a little more momentum in the charts, raking in more than the previous week. It's unlikely that it will topple "Detective K" at the top, but it's nibbling at the heels of "Gulliver's Travels" and we could see it overtake the foreign entry for the second spot. It is a little surprizing that "GLove" hasn't push up the list but it is still holding steady in fourth.

"Shanghai" sees a slight dip in ticket sales but still manages to claim its spot at number five this week. Another film seeing sales on the decrease is "The Green Hornet", the comic book adaptation might not have the polish to ensure its inclusion in the top ten for much longer. "Megamind" shows some hustle as it almost overtakes "The Green Hornet" for number six.

"The Town" is still sitting uncomfortably at number eight. The film has seen a decrease in ticket sales and is in danger of falling off the radar. A fate "Garfield's Pet Force" knows all to well as it finds itself displaced by Dinsey's "Tangled". "Hello Ghost" has had a great run so far and its viewership has remained steady, it has sees its seventh lucrative week in the theaters.

-Christopher James Wheeler

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