[HanCinema's News] "Extreme Job" Hits 1.2 Million Dollars in United States

As of February 25th "Extreme Job" has broken 1.2 million dollars in box office receipts in the United States. It is now #9 on the all-time chart for Korean films released in the United States.

The success is a modest one compared to the records "Extreme Job" has been making in the South Korean market. For a sense of perspective, "The Admiral: Roaring Currents" holds the top spot at 2.5 million dollars, followed by "Ode to My Father" at 2.3 million dollars, and "The Host" at 2.2 million dollars.

"Extreme Job" was released on January 25th in the United States, two days after the South Korean release, but only in Buena Park, Los Angeles. "Extreme Job" received a wider release a week later on February 1st, but only in certain cities. South Korean films, like most foreign films, do not normally receive a nationwide release in the American market.

"Extreme Job" has also been released in other countries. It appeared in Australia and New Zealand on February 7th, Indonesia on February 20th, and Taiwan on February 22nd. Singapore and Malaysia will receive releases on February 28th. Brunei and Hong Kong will receive releases on March 28th.

Written by William Schwartz