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[HanCinema's News] Kang Ji-young Memorializes Goo Ha-ra

On November 29th Kang Ji-young of the girl group Kara made an Instagram post about Goo Ha-ra. Both singers got their start in the group, and Kang Ji-young shared pictures of the two together.


Kang Ji-young opened up the text of the post with an extended discussion about the importance of expression and the inherently human constant of loneliness, and how people should express themselves internally and to others in a supportive manner.

From this proscriptive advice Kang Ji-young moved on to discussing Goo Ha-ra, and how happy they always were together. Kang Ji-young made note of Goo Ha-ra's winning smile, and compared her feet to those of a frog, in that they were small, and also made positive mentioned of Goo Ha-ra's warm hands.

Kang Ji-young mentioned remembering every part of Goo Ha-ra, how pure she was, and how she always felt like she would break apart if touched. Kang Ji-young also wrote that Goo Ha-ra always mentioned how much she loved her. Kang Ji-young resolved to make more of a point of saying I love you in the future as well. Kang Ji-young closed the post by writing, "I'm sorry, thank you, I love you".

Written by William Schwartz

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