[HanCinema's News] Kang Ye-bin Prompts Interest Spike in "Love Conquest"

Following a release schedule that's been troubled by the COVID-19 outbreak "Love Conquest" has finally foregone a theatrical release entirely. The sexually charged movie which stars pinup Kang Ye-bin in the leading role was released on local on-demand services on June 2nd and has quickly jumped up the ranks in officially sanctioned movie downloads. As of this writing "Love Conquest" makes up roughly eight percent of downloads.


"Love Conquest" deals with a nebbish hobbyist played by Oh Hee-joong, who contracts the assistance of a dating coach played by Kang Ye-bin in order to be more successful with his long-term crush. While "Love Conquest" is strictly banned for younger viewers, the movie is also not quite semi-pornographic. It features more of a plot than typical erotic South Korean films intended for the on-demand market and tends to be more suggestive than explicit.

The movie is in any case produced for a low-brow market. Kang Ye-bin has a fairly strong social media presence, particularly in regards to attractive personal photos, and the movie was produced in part to take advantage of her reputation. "Love Conquest" has, at any rate, a more obvious draw to her fans than the billiards themed "Sixball", which was released in mid-May and also Kang Ye-bin's similarly attractive co-star Shin Sae-ron.

Written by William Schwartz


"Love Conquest" is directed by Kim Jae-hyun-II, and features Kang Ye-bin, Oh Hee-joong, Shin Sae-rom, Kim Do-hyun-III. Release date in Korea: 2020/06/02.