[HanCinema's News] Kwon Eun-bin Makes Special Appearance in "Youth of May"

On May 3rd singer Kwon Eun-bin of the girl group CLC appeared in the drama "Youth of May" which premiered that same night. Her character was unnamed, but clearly identified as the girlfriend of the lead actor played by Lee Do-hyun. However, this did not last for long. Despite her cuteness, and clear intentions on the part of Lee Do-hyun's character to one day marry her, the situation did not go well so as to set him up for the drama's proper story as he goes to university in Gwangju.


Kwon Eun-bin particularly stood out in "Youth of May" due to her wardrobe, which helped to highlight and enhance an aura of sheer confidence. Kwon Eun-bin is not a stranger to acting, although to date she has only had similarly small roles. She is currently appearing in the Sunday afternoon cable variety drama "Somehow Family" where she is playing the daughter of the characters played by Sung Dong-il and Jin Hee-kyung.

"Somehow Family" had ratings of .8% in its most recent episode, the seventh, which aired on May 2nd. "Youth of May" had ratings of (add this when we have it) in its second episode which aired on May 4th. Kwon Eun-bin is also listed as supporting cast for the upcoming television dramas "At a Distance, Spring is Green" and "Dear.M" which are both set to be released later this year.

Written by William Schwartz