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[HanCinema's News] Kwon So-hyun-I and Oh Jung-yeon Appear in "MINE"

With the broadcasting of "MINE" both on tvN and worldwide via Netflix, the mystery thriller has seen the confirmation of previously unannounced cast. One such cast member is Kwon So-hyun-I, who appears as Jiwon's mother, with Jiwon attending the same school as the son of the lead character played by Ok Ja-yeon. Though unnamed and with a brief appearance, Kwon So-hyun-I attracted much interest in viewers with her dramatic in attitude in response to a plot point involving her son's birthday party.


Elsewhere, Oh Jung-yeon made her debut in "MINE" as the named character Mi-joo, as an announcer in her mid-thirties turned corporate daughter-in-law. The overly sunny disposition of the character appears to be a play on her real-life reputation as a television presenter. Irony is provided in the form of her casually and cheerfully discussing obviously risque topics.

Oh Jung-yeon made a post on Instagram implying her character would appear again. Kwon So-hyun-I suggested her involvement in the drama was at an end, stating it was an honor to work with senior staff and also complimenting more minor crew members for a job well done. Oh Jung-yeon has no other confirmed upcoming acting projects. Kwon So-hyun-I will have a supporting role in the major film "Sinkhole" and a leading one in the independent film "Nothing or Everything" which are both upcoming.

Written by William Schwartz

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