[HanCinema's News] Lee Hee-jun Makes Cameo Appearance in "Dramaworld - Season 2"

With the action thriller drama "Mouse" entering its final week, viewers have gotten accustomed to actor Lee Hee-jun in his element as a serious detective on the trail of a notorious serial killer. Yet Lee Hee-jun is not so limited in the kinds of roles he has portrayed throughout his career. This can be seen in his recent surprise appearance on "Dramaworld - Season 2" as ping pong player Yoo Dae-soo of the national team, determined to capture the gold at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.


Such unusual appearances are nothing new for Lee Hee-jun. He also appeared in the first episode of "Vincenzo" as a petty thief who robs the title character in a humorous manner. Up until that moment the mafia lawyer had been played by lead actor Song Joong-ki as a cool, classy individual who can't be outsmarted. The two actors will meet again as the leads in "Bogota" as cop and criminal in the internationally minded crime drama.

As far back as 2016 Lee Hee-jun could also be seen in the independent film "Worst Woman" as a highly melodramatic character, a contrast to the self-imposed, self-believing farce of the title character, played by Han Ye-ri, and her relationship with men in general. For the foreseeable future, however, Lee Hee-jun, will focus on lead roles, including in the upcoming dramas "When the Day Breaks" and "Chimera" this year. "Mouse" had ratings of 5.479% in its eighteenth episode which aired on May 12th.

Written by William Schwartz