[HanCinema's News] Lee Seung-gi and Lee Seo-jin Talk More About Women

On the SBS variety show 'Master in the House' Lee Seung-gi and Lee Seo-jin have been talking a lot about relationships. Lee Seung-gi talked about how they seem very difficult, and how it seems like a long time since he spoke to a woman on the phone.

Lee Seo-jin replied by saying that Lee Seung-gi needed a woman of strong willpower, without question. Lee Seung-gi was a bit bewildered, and replied by saying that, since Lee Seo-jin had it all figured out, he was going to stick to the plan and find a strong willed woman. Later, when Lee Seung-gi considered maybe finding a different kind of woman, Lee Seo-jin flatly replied that it wouldn't work.

They also discussed how they first met, and the importance of having to properly study what they needed to do before going anywhere. Lee Seung-gi was eager to please and strove not to fail again in regards to this prepatory work. Lee Seung-gi questioned why Lee Seo-jin was so inquisitive lately.

'Master in the House' airs at 6:25 in the evening on SBS. These particular conversations took place in the Aomori Prefecture of Japan, where the programs' various participants have been over the last two episodes.

Written by William Schwartz