[HanCinema's News] Lee Yeon-hee Reunites With Ok Taecyeon for the First Time in Six Years With "The Game: Towards Zero"

Lee Yeon-hee has been confirmed as the female lead for "The Game: Towards Zero". With Ok Taecyeon already having been cast for the male lead, "The Game: Towards Zero" will mark a reunion of sorts for the two actors, who co-starred in the 2013 romantic omnibus film "Marriage Blue".

The new drama centers around the lead character's supernatural ability to foresee the moment of a person's death, and how this leads the man, Kim Tae-pyeong, to go after a serial killer. Lee Yeon-hee will play a detective by the name of Seo Joon-yeong who will work together with Kim Tae-pyeong in pursuance of this goal.

In a statement Lee Yeon-hee had strong praise for the script, saying that she read it in a state of excitement and tension. She expressed hope that she could show a new face for herself with this role, and was going to seriously prepare for it. This echoes comments by Ok Taecyeon, who spoke of his intense interest in the change of his character's emotional state, and hoped he could express that development to viewers next year.

Written by William Schwartz


"The Game: Towards Zero" is directed by Jang Joon-ho, written by Lee Ji-hyo, and features Ok Taecyeon, Lee Yeon-hee. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2020/01~Upcoming, Wed, Thu on MBC.