[HanCinema's News] Principal Cast Confirmed for "May I Help You?"

The upcoming MBC drama "May I Help You?" has confirmed its core cast. As expected, Lee Hyeri will play the lead role of Baek Dong-joo, a funeral director, while Lee Jun-young will play Butler Kim, who assists the living. The two of them together run a company assisting with errands. Director Shim Soo-yeon of "Welcome 2 Life" and screenwriter Lee Seon-hye of "Answer Me 1994" had already been confirmed as principal crew


New cast include Song Duk-ho as Seo Hae-an, a constable working with the lead characters. He had last appeared in "Link: Eat, Love, Kill" also in the role of a police officer, and has been described as having a delightful screen presence. Han Dong-hee will appear as Tak Cheong-ha, an ex-girlfriend of Butler Kim who works in emergency medicine. This is the first major role for Han Dong-hee, who had previously appeared in "The One and Only" as the mother of the lead character.

Han Dong-hee's name has also shown up in association with the wavve film "Gentleman" which is still unreleased. Tae In-ho is another confirmed cast member for "May I Help You?" and he will play the role of Im Il-seob, a cleaner at the funeral parlor run by the lead character. The main motivation of Im Il-seob has been deescribed as providing the perfect experience for grieving family. Tae In-ho last appeared in "Kiss Sixth Sense" as a close friend of the lead character.

Lee Kyu-han will play the youngest maternal uncle of Butler Kim, his first role since his appearance as a lawyer in "Again My Life" earlier this year. The name of this character is Vincent, and he becomes the concierge of the "May I Help You?" company following fifteen years of failed attempts to pass public service exams. Oh Dae-hwan will play Michael, a local priest who is the female lead's uncle. "May I Help You?" will premiere on MBC in October.

Written by William Schwartz

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