[HanCinema's News] Shin Hye-sun Enjoys Enormous Profile Boost With "Mr. Queen"

On February 14th "Mr. Queen" ended with ratings of 17.4%. The surprise winter drama hit is the fifth best performing drama of all-time from tvN despite its relatively humble expectations. The offbeat story, a fusion of comedy, science fiction, and historical palace intrigue, struck a chord with audiences. But Shin Hye-sun is quickly emerging as the main figure of note in project, with her reputation increased by a substantial margin thanks to her role.

In "Mr. Queen" Shin Hye-sun plays the role of So-yong, a boorish modern chef transported into the body of a ninteenth century Joseon royal consort through supernatural means. "Mr. Queen" has succeeded in part because Shin Hye-sun is entirely convincing in the part depicting So-yong's bewildered reactions to his situation. As "Mr. Queen" progressed Shin Hye-sun depicted similar nuance in So-yong's slowly improving subterfuge, as he tries to scheme a way back into his home time.

Shin Hye-sun's acting is so distinctive that "Mr. Queen" is unthinkable without her, and "Mr. Queen" has already become the role she is best known for. This is fortunate for the thirty-one year old actress as her last major drama, in "Angel's Last Mission: Love" was a bit of an embarrassment. At present Shin Hye-sun has no confirmed future projects, though she does have plenty of new fans who are eagerly awaiting her next move.

Written by William Schwartz


"Mr. Queen" is directed by Yoon Seong-sik, written by Choi Ah-il, Park Kye-ok, and features Shin Hye-sun, Kim Jung-hyun, Cha Chung-hwa, Chae Seo-eun, Yoo Min-kyu, Lee Jae-won-I. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2020/12/12~2021/02/14, Sat. Sun 21:00 on tvN.